About Yeshua Radio

We have a passion for reaching the lost and equipping the saints

If you are in need of learning more about the Scriptures, having more intimacy with God and if you would like to build your faith, we are here to help. Tune in to our programs live or catch the reruns posted on YouTube and most podcasting platforms.You can also get involved in the Kingdom through Yeshua Radio.

Program Times

(South African Standard Time)

Tune into the radio station for 24/7 worship and praise music.

11:00 – A Heart of a Woman with Annie Potgieter, Shané de Villiers and Tanél Britz

15:00 – Evangelism and Good News Stories with Tertius Britz

11:00 – Weekly Parsha with David Herbst

15:00 – Kingdom Talks with Dean de Villiers

11:00 – Kingdom Stories with Andrea Tilsley

15:00 – Blessings Spoken with Marcel du Preez

11:00 – Kingdom Kids with Dorette Herbst

15:00 – Evangelism and Good News Stories with Claude de Villiers

11:00 – Torah Teaching with Wilhelm Schafer

15:00 – Starting with the Basics with Rewon 

On Shabbat we rest. Please enjoy the selection of music that will play, uninterrupted, throughout the day.

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Our Brilliant Team

Meet our hosts

David Herbst

Weekly Parshas

Wilhelm Schafer

Let Torah Talks

Claude de Villiers

Evangelism and Good News

Annie Potgieter

A Woman's Heart

Andrea Tilsley

Kingdom Stories

Marcel du Preez

Blessings Spoken

Tanél Britz

A Woman's Heart

Shané de Villiers

Heart of A Woman

Tertius Britz

Evangelism and Good News Stories

Rewon Brider

Foundations of Faith

Our Testimonies

Testimonies From the Body

Elbé Tilsley
Andrew Harwood
Claude de Villiers
Elbé Tilsley

I grew up in the Church but never really understood what Yeshua did for us and unfortunately I denied Him. After Claude ministered to me I finally understood the importance of what He did on the cross and I was healed from ailments I had for close to two decades. Praise Elohim!

Elbé Tilsley

Came back to Yeshua

Andrew Harwood

I came from a household that knew of Adonai but did not truly know Him. I explored various avenues but didn't find a place of peace and somewhere my spirit felt at rest. I came back to Adonai and He found me and led me to the truth and freedom. Through the guidance and love of Yeshua, I was delivered from my old life by Andrea, Claude and Oom Wilhelm. I became new, I became a new creation in Yeshua. Baruch atah Adonai Eleheinu melech ha-olam (Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe). Only true peace and freedom can be found in Yeshua.

Andrew Harwood

Found peace in God

Claude de Villiers

I was raised by a GOD fearing mother, but my perception about father figures were broken. How can GOD be my FATHER? How is it that HE Loves me? Wilhelm Schafer, pastor of Rapha Ministries, helped me to understand THE LOVE of GOD. As a result I have been healed of physical injuries and emotional hurts. I am filled with THE HOLY SPIRIT, I hear my Loving FATHER'S Voice and understand The Power in YESHUA'S Salvation. Praise ELOHIM!

Claude de Villiers

Reconciled to his Heavenly Father


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