Kingdom Kids – The Story of Zechariah- Zack’s Barley Bread Buns And Little Fishes | Dorette Herbst

Dorette Herbst . Episode 18 . 00:00

In this special episode, we’ll be sharing an amazing miracle that Yeshua did, perfect for children aged 2-4. We’ll introduce the story of a little boy who had only a small basket of food, but with the help of Yeshua, he was able to feed thousands of people! This amazing event will be brought to life through engaging storytelling that will capture the imagination of young listeners. As we explore this story, we’ll also highlight the importance of sharing, helping others, and having faith in Elohim in the face of challenges. Children will learn that no matter how small they may feel, they can make a big difference in the world by being kind and generous to others and by having FAITH! So gather around and join us as we take a journey back in time to witness the amazing miracle of the little boy and his small basket of barley bread buns and little fishes.

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