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Episode 1: Matthew 4:23-25

YESHUA went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the Gospel of The Kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. 

Every sickness and disease that we can imagine, YESHUA has already healed. Just as HE healed people at that time, so HE has already paid the price for our healing today – healing of all and any disease and sickness among us.

YESHUA’S fame spread throughout all Syria at that time and they brought unto HIM all the sick people that were taken with diverse diseases and torments, those who were possessed with devils, those who were lunatics, and those who had the palsy (were lame); and HE healed them. 

The fame of YESHUA has spread even further today, and many miracles are performed today by HIS HOLY SPIRIT all over the world. But to those who still need healing and deliverance of illnesses, diseases and torments, this is very Good News. 

YESHUA will heal you when you come to HIM with this faith. They came to YESHUA from Galilee, from Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judaea, and from beyond the Jordan. Some of these places are approximately 150 km from where YESHUA and his disciples were in the region of Galilee.

To travel this kind of distance in that time would have taken about 2 days of good walking, but these people were carrying sick and tormented people, lame and maimed, blind and demon possessed, some with lunatic people. How difficult and dangerous would this kind of trip not be for a sick person?

Today we have GPS tracking, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email – technology to find or call someone – but in those times they did not have any of it. 

The road to YESHUA would have been far and dangerous for sick people. They would have been unsure of where YESHUA would be the next day and the need for places to spend the nights and food to eat would have been great. 

The only way to locate YESHUA was to follow the word travelling through the villages and towns of the healed and those who listen to HIS sermons. I imagine that this would have been difficult. But these people persevered in their faith and hope to locate YESHUA. When they finally did find HIM, HE healed them and their loved ones. WHAT GOOD NEWS for them!!! Their lives were restored!!!

The Truth and VERY GOOD NEWS is that YESHUA heals today through HIS HOLY SPIRIT and those filled with HIS HOLY SPIRIT with the same faith as YESHUA had. 

If we would be bold and stir our hearts to seek YESHUA for our healing,  in the same way that those in The Bible did, we will find that HE has already given it to us when HE suffered, was beaten and lashed, crucified, resurrected from death and seated at the Right Hand of ELOHIM. 

HE overcame Satan and death with its consequences. Let us move our hearts with repentance and faith, hope and courage. 

YESHUA has already healed us 1 Peter 2:24. Remember that The Gospel of CHRIST is The Power of GOD unto salvation, to our bodies, souls, and minds, to all who BELIEVE.

Faith and hope are the driving forces, hands and feet necessary to reach The Healing Arms of YESHUA. So have faith!

Shalom shalom.