This is war. 

We are finding ourselves in the middle of a spiritual battle. It’s a war – the enemy against the Creator, Living God. 

The fight is for souls. The fight is for territory. It is exactly like a normal war where countries want to take what belongs to the other side. Conquer. 

Except this battle is between good and evil, life and death, freedom and bondage.

I realised just how epic this battle has become when I saw what had transpired at the 2023 Grammys. What a strange event… I realised just how on-the-offence the enemy has become. He is so in-your-face. Sam Smith tweeted about his excitement for the event. It’s pretty normal for an artist to post that big things are coming, nothing out of the ordinary. CBS then replied to that tweet that they are “ready to worship”. What? The enemy even arranged coordinated outfits for all the celebrities complete with horns and everything. 

When looking at the events in the world it’s fairly clear to see that the enemy will leave no stone unturned. He is taking his job very seriously – he is destroying families, people’s health, child sacrifices, infiltration in the media and in schools – name it, he’s covering that base.

My question is, what is our response as the children of Elohim? In an earthly kingdom the children of the kings are deeply involved in the wars and are usually the generals of the armies. Is this your war? Do we even care about the battle in the Spirit that is so close to our Father’s heart? 

Have you ever heard the saying “the best defence is offence”? When I was a goal keeper for my primary school’s first team at the age of thirteen we lost every single match. Every single one of them! Usually the goal count was 1-0. I would always feel so bad that I let that goal pass and one day one of my team members said to me, “You know, that ball shouldn’t even come close to you. The ball should not even be in your quarter of the field!” Yes! I totally agree! 

The best defence is offence.

Coming back to the war that we are in – we can see that the enemy is hell bent on winning this war and we can see that the people working for him are really doing their part.

Can we say the same about us? Are Father’s people taking this war seriously? 

Are we on the offence, working in the Kingdom, winning souls? Can we see Jesus, Yeshua walking around, people getting healed, the captives set free?

Not that I can see. 

I see people saying “don’t look for the devil behind every bush because you’ll find him”. Well, yes, because he is there! We have the authority to chase him away in Yeshua’s Name! We can also see that he is there, behind every bush, because look at all the disease, heartbreak and despair in this world. 

We should not be naïve.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly,” says Yeshua in John 10:10

So this is war.

The question is: is it necessary to have a diverse approach to evangelism? Is it necessary to have a mixed evangelical approach of street evangelism, outreaches, online, social media, radio, tv?

Yes, I would say so.

By only having one approach is like being in WWII and saying, “Right, well, we will send out the submarines but we aren’t going to use aeroplanes”. Well, that’s not how wars are won. And that doesn’t speak of faith, does it? That sounds like someone preparing to lose.

When the Master comes back, will He find us working? 

Will He find faith? 

Will He be able to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?

I hope so. I pray that He will.

I pray that He will look you in the eyes and say that He knows you did all that you could. YOUR involvement led to 7 000 souls, 20 000 souls, 100 000 souls being set free and added to the Kingdom of God. 

My biggest fear is that I will be found inadequate. That He will say “you’re lukewarm” and need to spit me out of His mouth.

Imagine if nobody is found lukewarm. 

Imagine if our Master can say good things about us. 

Imagine if He can brag about you in the same way that Father bragged about Job.

Let’s take up our arms. Let’s start a revolution! 

Unity is strength. There is ONE body of Messiah. 

May Father lead us in His Truth and in His ways and may we go win this war with Him!