How can we take hold of ELOHIM and HIS Promises even if YESHUA does not walk physically on earth today, but spiritually through HIS HOLY SPIRIT and through us who are filled with THE RUACH HA KODESH? 

This question stayed with me for a long time. I need to be connected with my ELOHIM, I need to see HIS Marvellous Works in my life and in the lives of others around me.

The Good News is that ELOHIM wants to reveal HIMSELF with HIS POWER and LOVE to us and to a lost and dying world just as HIS HOLY SCRIPTURES says. This is HIS Will. Now what do I need to do to take the steps closer to HIM, because HE already took HIS Steps closer to us through YESHUA? 

Let us look at principles found in HIS HOLY SCRIPTURES given us to know and clearly see the path to walk on leading us to HIM and HIS Miraculous POWER toward us. Our ELOHIM already took HIS path toward us and has provided everything needed according to HIS ALMIGHTY POWER in YESHUA for us to walk in a divine and godly life filled with communion with HIM.

So, search, believe, hope, walk in the path we will look at in HIS HOLY SCRIPTURES and your steps will find HIS Loving and Powerful ARMS and the provision for your hunger and need. 

Join us also on the radio station for the weekly broadcast series ‘Faith for healing: stories from The Bible’. I truly believe that this weekly series will help you to receive healing and deliverance for your body, mind and soul. So, tune in. 

Shalom shalom.